Elysia Productions is a production company founded in 2021 with the aim of offering the market socially relevant productions and supporting talented young Italian filmmakers and screenwriters by promoting their innovative ideas in an established national and international network.

Maribel Lopera Sierra

Maribel started out as a professional ballerina before going into nuclear medicine. As Chief Medical Officer at Advanced Accelerator Applications, Maribel helped developed and log the first radio-receptor therapy, a revolutionary cancer treatment. After the biotech company was sold to Novartis, she and her husband co-founded Elysia Capital, which invests in innovation, social impact, art, culture, wellbeing and education.

Marco Pontecorvo

Marco is an award-winning filmmaker and director in Italian cinematography with a wealth of experience in international TV production. His feature-length films include the Pasinetti Award winner Pa-ra-da, nominated for two David di Donatello Awards, and Tempo Instabile con Probabili Schiarite [Partly Cloudy with Sunny Spells], a festival favourite.

Stefano Buono

Nuclear physicist and successful entrepreneur, Stefano started out by spending 10 years working with the Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubbia at the CERN and CRS4 research centres within Accelerator Driven Systems and nuclear waste transmutation. In 2002, he founded Advanced Accelerator Applications, traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange until it was acquired by Novartis for 3.9 billion dollars. Stefano is chairman of several organisations and, in 2018, he and his wife, Maribel Lopera Sierra, founded Elysia Capital: their family office. As of 2021 he is the founder and CEO of newcleo, a company committed to developing next generation nuclear reactors for safe, clean and sustainable energy.